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Automatically sync leads from all your online lead generation channels

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Online leads who get a response within 10 minutes are 3x more likely to visit your dealership. Don’t waste precious time waiting for lead contact details to be sent to your dealership in a CSV file. With Driftrock’s lead automation you can send leads to the relevant dealership or sales person as they arrive.

Automatically sync all of your leads from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube to your CRM or DMS or send push email notifications directly to the sales team in real time. 

Validate and cleanse your lead database

Up to 38% of the leads that enter your database could be invalid or fake. With Driftrock’s powerful lead validation and lead cleansing capabilities, you can make sure that only valid and relevant leads are sent to your CRM or DMS.

What’s more, with lead transformation and routing, leads from your digital lead generation channels will arrive in your CRM in the correct format and with accurate source attribution.

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Track all your lead sources from click through to vehicle purchase

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Understanding the performance of each marketing campaign is critical to the success of your dealership’s lead generation. With Driftrock’s end-to-end lead tracking, you can link every online lead to a vehicle sale and effectively measure and prove your digital marketing ROI.

Driftrock connects marketing channel, lead and conversion data on the fly bringing together all of your lead generation campaigns under one roof into a single customer view.

Discover marketing campaign insights down to a local store level

With Driftrock’s real time Geo Analysis tool you can get marketing and sales performance insights for each individual dealership in your dealer group. Driftrock’s advanced auto dealer reporting gives you a view of local dealership marketing and sales performance and provides you with the insights you need to build your own local benchmark reports.

Benchmark your performance and optimise campaigns and marketing budgets down to a local store level.

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Drive more leads & sales volume.

Enable and optimise high performing ads like Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Driftrock’s own experiences. Our clients, such as BMW see an increase in lead volume by 2.8X, and lower CPL of 56%.

Increase conversion rates of Facebook & Google leads.

Automatically optimize lead gen campaigns for lead quality and conversion, by tracking individual ads or keywords through to car sales. 

Personalized marketing for each retailer.

Quickly deploy thousands of local, personalized campaigns for your dealer group across the country. 

Increase aftersales and retention.

Our clients have seen a 2.25X increase in service bookings, by nurturing customers using social ads after purchase.

Nurture leads with Custom Audiences.

Increased your lead conversion rate 56% by nurturing leads through to sales using Automated Facebook and Google Audiences. 

List your Inventory on Facebook Marketplace.

Sell your used car inventory to an in-market community on Facebook Marketplace. Driftrock is a Facebook Marketplace Listing Parter.

How it works

  1. Book a time to talk to one our expert strategists.

  2. Our strategist will get to know your business and help setup your Driftrock account.

  3. Connect your lead gen sources or we’ll help you activate new, high performing sources.

  4. Upload or connect your sales data.

  5. Login to Driftrock for live campaign stats, and we’ll also send you weekly reports!

Why Driftrock is your perfect partner for success

Driftrock is a combination of software and our ad solutions experts who have decades of experience.

  • Proven results: Driftrock powers Facebook and Google for automotive brands and retailers big and small. Our experience with brands such as BMW, VW, Honda, JRL, Mazda and FCA help us optimise technology and tactics that deliver sales.

  • GDPR-ready: Leverage our advanced People-based marketing strategies in a GDPR safe way, ensuring marketing consent and right to be forgotten are respected, regardless of the channel.

  • Information Security: Driftrock Certified to ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards. We offer a range of security options to align with your policies and infrastructure.

  • Team: Driftrock is an official Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Marketing Partner, meaning that those platforms have recognised us for excellence. We meet with them regularly to refine our tools and campaign strategies.

  • Innovation: Driftrock is proud to have delivered many world-first solutions in social advertising, and continues to innovate in the fast moving digital media market. Here’s an example from Facebook’s website of our work with BMW.

Challenge us to beat your current results using People-based Marketing for Automotive.


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