Automotive Social Media Advertising

Gain your unfair advantage with advanced Automotive social ads strategies enabled with Driftrock, not possible through native tools. 


Drive lower cost leads with native social ads.

Our clients such as BMW see a 50%+ reduction in cost per lead from both Facebook & LinkedIn lead gen. 

Track ads through to offline sales.

Optimize lead gen campaigns for lead quality by tracking individual ads or keywords through to car sales. 

Personalized dealer marketing.

Quickly deploy thousands of local, personalized campaigns for your dealer network across the country. 

Increase aftersales and retention.

Our clients have seen a 225X increase in service bookings by nurturing customers using social ads after purchase.

Increase lead conversion rates to sale.

Our clients have seen a 54% increase in conversion by nurturing leads through to sale using Automated Custom Audiences. 

Weather triggered brand campaigns.

BMW saw an increase in ad engagement for 4X4 xDrive campaigns when it rained and snowed, using Driftrock weather activated campaigns. 

Getting started with Driftrock for Automtoive 

Driftrock offers either technology with support or a fully managed service from our expert Ad Solutions team.

  • Experience: Through our auto experience working with brands such as BMW, VW and Fiat, we apply our digital marketing know-how to create solutions that drive business results rather than one-size-fits all advertising.  

  • Tailored: We have experience delivering bespoke solutions for clients such as BMW and Fiat Group. 

  • GDPR: Leverage our advanced People-based marketing strategies in a GDPR safe way ensuring marketing consent and right to be forgotten are respected, regardless of the channel. 
  • Team: We are an official Facebook & LinkedIn Marketing Partner, which combined with our experience supporting tens of millions in media spend for our clients each year, enables us to add advanced high performing social advertising capabilities to your team or agency. 
  • Security: Certified to ISO20071 standards, we offer a range of security options to align with your policies and infrastructure. 
  • Innovation: Driftrock is proud to have delivered several world-first solutions in social advertising, and continue to innovate in the fast moving digital media market. 

Challenge us to beat your current results using People-based Marketing for Automotive.


Facebook & LinkedIn Success Stories in Automotive with Driftrock