7 Creative Ideas for your next Twitter Lead Cards Campaign

by Sofia Zab

Lead Generation Cards are a type of Twitter ad that lets users easily opt into offers and share their details with your business without having to leave the platform or even fill out any forms.

Once a user clicks on a button within your promoted tweet, Twitter sends the handle, name and e-mail to the advertiser. You can download these 'leads' as a CSV or send the leads to a number of number of endpoint partners who can receive the leads for you, including Driftrock's Lead Response.

We created Lead Response to help us run our own Twitter Lead Card campaigns, after discovering that replying to new leads in real time massively increases conversion rates. Our tool lets you quickly and easily set up auto-responder e-mails for each of your individual Lead Cards.

Don't know where to start? Check out our previous blog post that takes you through the process of setting up a Twitter Lead Cards campaign step by step.

To get your creative juices flowing we've come up with 7 suggestions for Lead Cards Campaigns you can run today.

1. Newsletter Subscriptions

Lead Generation Cards are one of the easiest ways to increase subscriptions to your newsletter. To increase your chances of users opting in, make sure to communicate the benefit to the user of signing up.

For example, @baristabar uses Lead Cards to invite users to subscribe to their daily deals newsletter.

Alt text

This kind of campaign promoting local businesses works really well with Twitter's Zip-code based targeting for US users.

We also really like @rrhoover's use of Twitter lead cards in his organic replies to encourage users who engaged with his content to sign up to his blog.

Alt text

You can use Lead Response to set up an instant subscription confirmation message to every new signup.

2. Content marketing

With Twitter Lead Cards you can shrink your content marketing pipeline to just one step!
Commonly, advertisers use promoted tweets to send users to a landing page where they have to fill in a form before downloading your content. With Twitter Lead Cards in combination with Lead Response or another CRM system, you can send users whitepapers, ebooks, pdfs and other content immediately after they hit the call to action button.

We like this ebook campaign by @marketo for the great way they used the picture in their Lead Card to draw attention to their offer.

Alt text

And here's our very own ebook offer, which we have pinned to the top of @Driftrock's profile to make sure every new follower sees it:

Alt text

3. Coupon Code

Another type of campaign you can try is a coupon offer. Once users click the button, you can e-mail them a voucher code for your product or service.

Checkout @Priceline's campaign for inspiration:

Alt text

After users clicked on the ad, they received their coupon via e-mail:

Alt text

4. Competitions

Use your Twitter Lead Cards to prompt users to enter a competition. Here's a cool example from @rockcreek:

Alt text

5. Tickets

Promoting an event or conference? Set up an interest-group targeted, location-based Lead Card campaign to collect a list of interested people!

6. Petition

If you are a charity or social enterprise campaigning for a cause, you may want to collect petition signatures directly through Lead Cards rather than sending your followers to an external website.

7. Recruitment

Hiring? Reach out to potential candidates with a Lead Cards campaign.

Draw inspiration from @makeitinireland's search for developers:

Alt text

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to a free trial of Lead Response now and get started!