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by Rob Tutty 27th January 2017

The Knowledge - January 2017

Welcome to ‘The Knowledge’ for January, the stuff you need to know about Driftrock, and what’s interesting us this month with Facebook.

We’re super excited about the year ahead, with lots of amazing things coming to our platform over the coming months. So stay tuned!

Driftrock updates

Facebook Certified Professionals
We’re pleased to say that two of the team have gained full Facebook Advertiser Professional certification, and are qualified Facebook Certified Buying and Planning Professionals. So now we have proof that we know what we’re talking about!


Instagram Placement
We’re super excited to announce that 'Driftrock Create' now supports Instagram placement targeting! So if your Instagram profile is connected to your Facebook ad account in your Business Manager, you can now select that as a placement. Now you can get even more reach for your ad campaigns.

We’ve added a few awesome features to Blueprints…
- Now you can blueprint gender and age groups when blueprinting adsets. Blueprints already enables you to create 100s and 1000s of campaigns in minutes, and now you can split test your adsets to your heart’s delight!
- Blueprinting lead forms. In addition, you can create lead forms directly from your campaign creation journey - no more creating it in Facebook first!

Not sure what this whole ‘Driftrock Blueprints’ thing is? Get in touch with us, and we can take you through it. It will change the way you run your Facebook ad campaigns:

Campaign creation journey
We’ve also made improvements to conversion tracking selection and the campaign creation journey, in a bid to make life easier for you. You’re welcome :)

Want to find out more about any of these features? Just get in touch, and we’ll give you a demo! https://www.driftrock.com/demo

Driftrock Blog Updates Extending Email Marketing to Facebook: A No-Brainer
Whilst we at Driftrock understand and love Facebook’s custom and lookalike audiences features, many marketers are still woefully unaware of the hidden potential lurking in their customer email lists. Find out more:

Cool stuff from Facebook...

People Insights - Moving at a Mobile Minute
Facebook stated that 2016 was the first year that they saw more mobile conversions than desktop over the holiday season. This should serve as a warning to any business that is not advertising on mobile. Or indeed, that doesn’t have any kind of mobile presence. This shift to mobile is only going to increase over time, so now is the time to capitalise. Go and get mobile….now.

Also a notable stat from the article is that desktop conversions peak at 10-11am, while for mobile it reaches a peak at 8-9pm. Perhaps this might influence your ad strategy.

Facebook Messenger 2017
Head of Messenger David Marcus shared this Note about what to expect from messenger in 2017. Expect to see more from bots and also Group functions, particularly around video.

How to create a Messenger Chat bot
No bot of the month this issue, but instead we thought we’d share this article that helps you get started with building your own Messenger chat bot.

Facebook 360 degree video tips
With Facebook heavily invested in VR, it’s little surprise to see a heavy push on 360 degree video content. With the introduction of 360 degree Facebook Live videos, they are gradually embedding VR into the platform. This WILL be the future. VR is coming to the mainstream. So, to help you get ahead of the game, here are some tips from Associated Press on how they train their journalists to shoot 360 degree videos.

Thank you for reading ‘The Knowledge’. If you have any questions about anything Driftrock or Facebook, you can get in touch with us here, or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/driftrockcom and Twitter at www.twitter.com/driftrock.

Keep (Drift) Rocking!
Team Driftrock

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