The Knowledge - November 2016

December 15, 2016
 The Knowledge - November 2016

Hey Driftrockers!

Welcome to ‘The Knowledge’, featuring the months hottest stories in the Facebook advertising world for October 2016, including new product features for Driftrock, and a raft of announcements directly from Facebook. We hope you enjoy this regular feature, and welcome any comments.

Driftrock updates


We’ve made a few enhancements to our Blueprints product. Driftrock Blueprints is our amazing, time-saving ad technology which enables you to create 100s or 1000s of campaigns, adsets and/or ads from a single creation journey. Through using ‘blueprint libraries’, you can insert placeholder tags in your Campaign creation, and pull in your fields dynamically via a csv file.

For instance, you can blueprint multiple locations (even at postcode level!). So if you wanted to run an ad campaign targeting individual towns and cities, you can do so from a single campaign journey. You can even dynamically reference the town/city name in the ad copy, to add more personalisation to your ads.

If Blueprints sounds of interest to you, or to find out more about any of our products, please get in touch with us here to request a free demo.

Video ads 

You can now create video ads directly in Driftrock Create. We love video ads, particularly for the ability to create video view audiences from anyone that views a defined proportion of your videos. With video view audiences, you can then retarget people that have viewed your video. For instance, you could retarget a video view audience with a lead ad, to capture their email address.

New tools from Facebook...

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, at Driftrock we get to hear about and test new tools as and when they become available. Below are some of our favourite new features that Facebook have released recently:

Facebook Campaign Planner Tool 

Facebook have rolled out a campaign planner tool, which allows you to forecast your audience reach and potential results, prior to launching a campaign. Kind of like the Google Ad Planner tool which has been around for a while. 
You can find out more here:

Global Lookalikes 

At Driftrock, we are in love with Lookalike audiences. The power of a strong lookalike audience cannot be underestimated, and we believe should be a part of everyones Facebook ad strategy. And now Facebook have made it even easier to scale your campaigns internationally.

With Facebook lookalikes, previously you were only able to create lookalike audiences from a seed audience that is based in the country of your lookalike. So for example, if you only had a list of customers, but they are all based in the UK, Facebook could only build a lookalike audience of people in the UK. But now you can build a lookalike (for instance) of US users, based on a seed audience of UK users.

This is powerful for advertisers that have no presence in the country they wish to target. It means if you have a single market, and are looking to expand, you can use your existing customer data to scale. Now you can find potential customers internationally, that ‘look like’ your current customers. In a word, awesome.

Find out more:

Expanded audiences 

Expanded audiences is a great new feature. Think of it as lookalikes for interest targeting. With this setting enabled, Facebook will look at who is converting from your campaign, and automatically look for other people likely to convert, who AREN’T in your chosen target audience.

Facebook Marketplace 

Has anyone spotted this one in their Facebook app yet? Facebook have now quietly integrated into the Facebook app a marketplace for users to buy or sell locally. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, and whether it has any impact on eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist. And indeed, whether this becomes a paid offering, and will become an ad placement. 
Here’s the announcement:

The bots are taking over! 

So how many of you have built a Facebook Messenger bot? If you have, let us know, and we’ll share our favourites!

We’ve enjoyed seeing the innovative ways in which companies have been using Facebook messenger bots. Here are just a few examples:

However, in our opinion, the best iteration of this we have seen to date is this from Channel 4 in the UK, publicising their show Humans 2.0, which launched October 30th. For those that haven’t seen the show, the premise is that we live in a world where (very human-looking) robots in the home are commonplace (aka synths). So this was a fake campaign for a product recall of their synths, which directed you to the website:

On this website, you can then start a live chat with a synth, which takes you to a Messenger bot conversation. It’s very cool how they’ve done this, and if you have a spare five minutes, it’s a lot of fun too (be warned, the synth is pretty persistent!) Check out their bot directly here:

Driftrocker 'Question of the Month'

This issue, we discuss the matching up Google Analytics reporting with what we see in Facebook reporting. There is a key difference in how they both attribute conversions which you should be aware of.

This Facebook help article gives you some background on this:

So let’s take a quick look at how Facebook and Google handle conversions:


Let’s say someone is served an ad on 6th October. They then make a purchase on 10th October. Facebook attributes this purchase in it’s reporting to 6th October (i.e. the day the ad was served).

Google Analytics 

However, Google Analytics handles conversions differently. For the same Facebook campaign above, for the person that purchased on 10th October, the conversion would be attributed to 10th October (i.e. the day of purchase, and not the day the ad was served).

It’s worth noting, that in order to view stats for a particular Facebook campaign in Google Analytics (GA), we tag the landing page with ‘utm tags’. This then passes through to GA reporting.

So when you are comparing your stats, always be aware of the attribution model used. You really don’t want to be comparing apples with oranges!

Do you have a question? Send it to us here, and we might include it in a future edition of ‘The Knowledge’.

That’s it for this month. Don’t forget, you can either drop us an email, or find us on Facebook at and Twitter at

Team Driftrock 


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