Tired of 140 characters? Try out Twitter's website cards!

by Gabi Barbosa

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Twitter’s recently unveiled Website Cards might just show that.

What are the new Website Cards?

Available on both desktop and mobile, Twitter cards allow marketers to add media to tweets – meaning you have additional pixels of prime Twitter real estate to add any text and image you want.

Alt text

Website cards, as the name indicates, should be used to drive traffic to your homepage, a product page or a specific landing page on your website, giving your audience a little preview, or further information about what they will find when they click through.

They main reason these cards are useful is that they have a very clear call to action, and all the elements on the card click through to your website (unlike a regular attached image). Also, if you get your content and creative right, the little taster you give users should be able to dramatically improve your click-throughs.

Twitter tested it out with a few clients and found much lower CPC rates (92% lower in one of the cases), as well as significantly higher CTR (64% higher) and Engagement (26% higher).

What can I use them for?

There are countless ways that you can make use of Website cards - you can be creative! Just a few examples to get you started:

1) Content Marketing - Got a new e-book or blog post to promote? Give users a preview before sending them your landing page, like @signupto did.
Alt text

2) Product offers or sales - If you have a special offer or are about to start a sale on your website, you can use the cards to add more detail about the offer. @monarch, for example, used them for a flash sale:
Alt text

3) Recruitment - If you’re looking for someone to join your team, why not look for potential candidates on Twitter? We loved this amusing card from @blondedigital:
Alt text

Want to try it out?

If you have used other Twitter cards in your campaigns, the set up process for website cards is similar. If you haven’t done it before, read on for a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Create a Website card

You will need an advertiser account on Twitter to start creating your Website Cards. Twitter has now made its ad platform available for SMBs in the UK, US, Israel, Canada, South Africa and Ireland. You can sign up here: ads.twitter.com.

  1. Once you’ve signed in, select ‘Cards’ from the Creatives tab.
    Alt text

  2. From your dashboard, select the Website radio button and click on ‘Create your first Website Card’.
    Alt text

  3. Once you're in the Cards editor, you can start filling in the card fields.

You will need:
* An image for your card - minimum size is 240x96 pixels, and it can contain text * Website title - a short description of your website or what you are promoting (70 characters maximum) * Website URL

Your preview will look something like this:
Alt text

  1. When you are ready, click on ‘Create card’. Your card is ready to use!

We recommend marketers to create a few website cards with different creative and copy, to test in campaigns.

Step 2: Adding your card to a tweet

You can use your website cards on organic tweets, but using them in combination with promoted tweets will maximise your reach.

Creating a card tweet is very similar to creating a regular tweet. The only difference is that you will have to add the card URL at the end of the tweet, instead of an outbound URL. To find the card URL, return to the Cards manager and look for the URL right next to the card you want to use.

When you add your card to the tweet, your editor will look something like this:
Alt text

Select your delivery type (Standard or Promoted), choose the campaign you want to add the tweet to, and tweet!

Need help setting up promoted campaigns? We have some tips for you here.

If you already use Twitter cards, we’d love to know how your campaigns are going! Share it with us in the comments below or tweet to us @driftrock.

TL;DR? Twitter’s new Website Cards allow you to add images and a call to action to your tweets, giving your audience a sneak preview of what they will find on your landing page, improving both CPC and CTR. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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