Our Mission to Improve the Lives of Marketers Everywhere

A warm welcome from our first Driftrock blog entry!

If you've been working in digital marketing for a while, you've no doubt used countless tools to constantly squeeze down that CPA. In fact, as a digital marketer you probably spend more time in front of marketing software than you do sleeping!

Being so critical to success, it's a shame so many great tools are so painful to use. Here are some of the things I'm sure are accustomed to:

  • Signing up to hundreds of separate tools.
  • Going to tender for 4 months to pick a tool.
  • Greasy sales people who know nothing about marketing.
  • Syncing endless data.
  • 2 weeks to set up tracking.
  • Prioritisation battles with developers.
  • Lengthy training.
  • Useless confusing marketing jargon like "Turnkey".
  • Disastrous UI on mobile devices that make working on the bus impossible.

Thats a tough list to change, but we are going to give it a go on Driftrock. Our goal is to make working on marketing tools fun, productive and painless. Simple, elegant tech products that solve a few marketing problems at a time. No bulky, over engineered software, half of which you don't actually need! Just install the apps you need, when you need them.


Our tools are built on top of a single data layer so you only need to sync things once top make it work on all Driftrock apps. We've tried to remove as many techy setup steps as possible.


Running social campaigns is no fun unless you do it socially. You can invite as many colleagues, clients or pets as you like to Driftrock. Manage each brand separately with different teams, data and apps.

Enough marketing fluff. Have a play with Driftrock yourself if you aren't already signed up. Please come along for the ride, let us know what you love, hate or need and we will make it our mission to make your working day fun again.

Say hi @driftrock or just hit "Support" in the nav bar.