Have You Leveraged These Unique Birthday-Targeting Features?

If you’re in the B2C space, whether it’s E-commerce, Saas, or Brick-And-Mortar — birthdays are a great opportunity for customer activation. It’s a special time in your customers’ lives that comes once a year, and tossing an offer, a gift, or some other interesting benefit their way can help you reap benefits on both the brand recognition and revenue side of your business.

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Matt Wheeler
What to do when your Facebook ads stop working

if you're reading this post because everything has exploded, remember that it's very common (in all digital marketing channels), and you are not alone! The silver lining is that once you've fixed it, you'll have learnt more about how your marketing campaigns REALLY work, than a year of tweaking campaigns. You have to go through this pain a few times as a marketer, and your overall marketing strategy will be better because of it.

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