Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

The easiest, most powerful way to scale your local Facebook Ads campaigns. Deploy hundreds of personalised Facebook campaigns across the country.

Facebook Ads for Local Businesses
Local Facebook campaign management

0 to 60 personalised campaigns in minutes!

Create hundreds or thousands of local, personalised campaigns in minutes for all your stores, dealerships, franchises or locations.


Any Facebook Objective

Local ads for any Facebook Objective.

Create local personalised ads for any object. Don’t limit yourself to Local Awareness Ads.

Better local performance

Better local performance.

Personalised local ads typically see a 40%+ boost in performance vs generic campaigns.


Facebook Lead Ads for local businesses.

Driftrock automatically creates hundreds of lead forms and lead syncs for each location helping you scale and deliver leads.

Local marketing agency HPS delivered 2.25X more local service bookings from Facebook with Driftrock.
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Why manage your local Facebook campaigns with Driftrock?

Creating local ads on Facebook is hard to do at scale.

If you manage a network of locations that require unique targeting, budgets and even run from a unique Facebook Page, then it is very difficult to scale without a small army.

Driftrock not only takes away the pain of scaling local campaigns, but allows you to deliver any type of ad format that you need on a local basis to get the results you need.

For example, RLA ran local Facebook campaigns for Fiat, and delivered a 40% reduction in cost per lead compared to generic campaigns.

How Driftrock helped Fiat Group scale local campaigns?

  • RLA leveraged the Driftrock platform to create hundreds of personalised local Facebook Lead Ads campaigns for Fiat.

  • Each local campaign was run from a unique Facebook or Instagram Page.

  • Each local campaign had unique targeting for the dealerships.

  • Driftrock automatically created hundreds of unique Facebook Lead Ads forms, and hundreds of unique lead syncs as a result.


How it works

1. Manage your locations

Upload your local store database with everything you need to personalise on a local level. You can update in our interface or make changes in bulk for future campaigns.

2. Create

Create your campaign template with placeholders from your database e.g {dealer_name}. You can personalise with anything you like e.g Location Targeting, Custom Audience IDs or Product Set IDs.

3. Sync

Driftrock injects the local data to create hundreds of personalised Campaigns, Adsets or Ads.

Manage your locations
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