Enable People-based marketing across Facebook & Google

Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you could connect your customer database to both Facebook and Google?

Driftrock enables People-based Marketing techniques by putting the customer at the core of your marketing strategy.

Syncing your Facebook and Google audiences together through Driftrock can help you achieve all this:

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Unlock advanced remarketing strategies

Create highly relevant, timely and engaging adverts

Spend your budget only on the people likely to convert

Stay consistent in all of your touchpoints across channels

Trusted by ambitious brands and agencies big and small


Multichannel retargeting

Retarget your CRM contacts with ads on Facebook and Google to nurture, upsell, drive aftersales and turn customers into repeat customers.



Full Lifecycle Marketing

Deliver highly relevant and thoughtful adverts and nurture leads throughout the buyer journey. Be consistent in each touchpoint across multiple channels.

Cross channel exclusions

Exclude customer lists across channels to improve ROI and reduce double serving. For example, acquire a customer from Facebook, and exclude them from Google.

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Upweight or downweight search bids

Automatically update lists to adjust Google bids for certain people in your database. Decrease bids for people who have recently purchased from you and increase bids for people similar to your high-value customers.


Automatically Protect Privacy

Stay GDPR and Privacy compliant by removing any customers who unsubscribe from marketing communications. It is a requirement of both Facebook, Google and GDPR law to remove people who unsubscribe.

Better Performing Audiences

Create better performing Custom Audiences on Facebook and better Customer Match audiences on Google by syncing customer segments.

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Sync every 3 hours

Keep your audiences always fresh.

Add and remove contacts

Mirror the customer segments in your CRM rather than adding on top of existing audiences.

Secure and reliable sync

Some of the world’s largest brands trust us to sync millions of their records every hour.

Keep audiences in one platform

Sync both Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences together under one roof.

How it works

1. Connect

Connect multiple data sources such as your lead sources, email system, CRM or EPOS systems.

2. Segment

Create or choose customer segments that you want to reach or exclude.

3. Sync

Driftrock keeps your audience segments across social and PPC channels in sync.

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