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Facebook Marketplace for Automotive

Generate leads for your automotive inventory on Facebook Marketplace for Auto.

What is Facebook Marketplace for Automotive?

Facebook Marketplace for Automotive allows dealerships to list their inventory across Facebook marketplace, helping them reach more people, collect leads, and make it easy for potential customers to find them.

Automotive listings appear as people browse Facebook Marketplace and search for relevant products. Alongside images of your vehicle, you're able to show key information such as price, model and mileage.

When a user clicks your listing, they have the option of contacting you either via Facebook Messenger or a native lead form. They also have the option to contact you via the phone, as well as a map to the dealership where the stock is located.

How do automotive listings on Facebook Marketplace work?

Listings on Facebook Marketplace are powered by Facebook Product Catalogues. Catalogues hold all the information about your vehicles, with this information passed into Facebook Marketplace.

When a user searches for a keyword on Marketplace that matches your vehicle, as well as being in an area near your showroom, your listings can appear.

When a user clicks these listings, they can contact you via a number of means. Responding to enquiries quickly is essential, and using the Driftrock platform you can automate the process of collecting leads and passing them into your CRM system.

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How to set up Facebook Marketplace for Automotive

In order to set up Facebook Marketplace for Automotive, you need a Facebook Product Catalogue. These can be built manually if your stock is small, however for large stock quantities that change frequently, Facebook recommend using one of their Marketing Partners. These partners will allow your feed to update in real time, and accurately reflect your current stock availability.

Does Facebook Marketplace for Automotive work? What results can you expect?

Facebook Marketplace is an ever growing platform, and listing your vehicle inventory on there gives potential customers many ways in which to contact you, whilst also seeing all the key details about each vehicle.

How do I optimise automotive listings on Facebook Martketplace?

Maintaining a high quality catalogue is essential for good performance on Facebook Marketplace. Therefore you should always aim to keep your catalogue up to date with the latest stock, as well as all the correct details.

Responding to enquiries quickly is essential, so we always encourage clients to use the Driftrock platform to help automate the lead collection process and reduce any delay between lead submission and follow up.

How much do automotive listings on Facebook Marketplace cost?

Listings on Facebook Martketplace are completely free.

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