Driftrock Lead Sync

Say goodbye to manual CSV file uploads. Sync all of your leads from Facebook, Google & LinkedIn to your CRM or DMS with Driftrock’s quick and easy to use Lead Sync tool.

We’ve introduced a new better and faster Lead Sync interface. We’ve eliminated some set up steps and added new great features to make it even faster and easier for you to set up your lead syncs.

You can now find the new Lead Sync interface in your Driftrock dashboard. Simply navigate to Lead Sync from the main dashboard.

New Lead Sync Navigate.gif

Set up a new lead sync in seconds!

New Lead Sync Create.gif

Setting up a new lead sync with Driftrock hasn’t been easier. It really is as simple as 1,2,3. All you have to do is:

  1. Give your lead sync a name - something that will help you identify what campaign the leads are coming from.

  2. Select the channel and lead form you would like to sync - you can select between Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

  3. Pick the destination you want to send your leads to such as your CRM or DMS.

Click Create New Lead Sync and you are ready to roll!

All of your leads will be automatically synced to your CRM and will arrive in the format that you want them to arrive in. No missing form fields and no messy duplicate content!

On top of that, you can use Driftrock to create detailed reports on which ones of your leads turned into qualified leads and converted into customers.

Not using Lead Sync?

Speak to one of our experts who will help you get started.

Filter your Lead Sync Lists

New Lead Sync - Filter.gif

With the new, improved version of Driftrock Lead Sync you can easily filter all of your lead sync lists by Status, Source and Destination.

For example, if you want to only see your active lead syncs from LinkedIn that are going to your CRM you can now do this with a few clicks.

View a list of your leads

New Lead Sync - View Leads.gif

It is now super easy to see a list of all individual leads in each one of your lead lists. Simply click on the green icon on the right side of the lead sync list you want to access. You can then filter individual leads by their status.

For instance, you can see a list of all sent, rejected or failed leads in each lead sync.

Quickly Edit your Lead Sync

New Lead Sync - Edit .gif

With the new Lead Sync interface, you can quickly make edits to your lead syncs. Simply click the blue pencil icon on the right side of the lead sync you would like to edit.

You can change the lead sync name, change the source type, source form and the destination you would like to send the leads to. You can also manage your field mappings to make sure that each form field arrives in the relevant field in your CRM.

Once you are done making edits click Update Lead Sync and you are ready to go.

Where to find the new Lead Sync Interface

The new Lead Sync interface is available to Driftrock users from the main Driftrock dashboard. Simply navigate to Lead Sync from your Driftrock dashboard and create lead syncs faster than ever. A link to the old interface will be available for a short period while you are getting used to the new one.

If you are not already using this feature, book a time to speak to one of our experts and we will help you to get started.