Better Data to Optimise Campaigns

Driftrock provides clients with a collection of lead analysis and tracking tools, which together ensure they have a better understanding of the lead data needed for campaign optimisation.

1. Use Driftrock’s Segmentation breakdown to quickly discover insights on your customers like when they are looking to buy, and what they go onto purchase. Such insights enable learnings around which audiences deliver the best conversion rates, to optimise for lead quality signals.

Segments Breakdown.gif

2. Track the number of people that exist in multiple segments, to discover insights on what actions people take.

Segments Overlap.gif

3. Track and monitor the key stats associated with each channel you are running lead generation activity on, to understand which channel is performing better. Customise the data you track on the central Driftrock dashboard.

Key Stats.gif

4. Multi-Channel reporting to track lead and sales performance for all your lead sources.

Multi-Channel Reporting.gif

5. Activate Driftrock’s Facebook Offline Conversion Sync to automatically optimise the Facebook algorithm for quality.

FB Offline Conversion Sync.gif