Retail Social Media Advertising

Gain your unfair advantage with advanced retail digital marketing strategies enabled with Driftrock, not possible through native tools. 


Online to Offline measurement to store sales. 

Track individual ads  through to sales in-store using unique coupon issuance and the Driftrock People-data platform. 

Increase the lifetime value of your database. 

Nurture your newsletter subscribers, cart abandoners and customers through social ads. 

Local, personalized marketing.

Deploy thousands of local, personalised campaigns for each store, tailoring the creative, targeting and products for each. 

Generate more newsletter subscribers.

Generate lower cost newsletter subscribers by leveraging native social lead gen formats like Facebook Lead Ads, whilst tracking the downstream sales of those new prospects. 

Local stock and offer ads for each store. 

Deploy hundreds of local Dynamic Product ads tailored for each store. By deploying local dynamic ads, customers only see the offers or products available at each store. 

Weather triggered campaigns.

Beat your competitors to the new season rush using weather activated ads. For example "Winter coats", when the temperature reaches 1º C.

Getting started with Driftrock for Retail 

Driftrock offers either technology with support or a fully managed service from our expert Ad Solutions team.

  • Experience: Through our Retail and eCommerce marketing experience working with brands such as Tesco, Spoke and Liberty, we apply our digital marketing know-how to create solutions that drive results.

  • Omni-channel: Our technology and strategies enable true online to offline, multi-channel campaigns for retail. 

  • GDPR: Leverage our advanced People-based marketing strategies in a GDPR safe way ensuring marketing consent and right to be forgotten are respected, regardless of the channel. 

  • Team: We are an official Facebook & LinkedIn Marketing Partner, which combined with our experience supporting tens of millions in media spend for our clients each year, enables us to add advanced high performing social advertising capabilities to your team or agency. 
  • Security: Certified to ISO20071 standards, we offer a range of security options to align with your policies and infrastructure. 
  • Innovation: Driftrock is proud to have delivered several world-first solutions in social advertising for higher education and distance learning institutions, and continue to innovate in the fast moving digital media market. 

Challenge us to beat your current results using People-based Marketing for Retail.


Facebook & LinkedIn Success Stories with Driftrock