A Sneak Peak of the Driftrock Platform

Driftrock is a leading supplier of multi-channel lead generation solutions across the globe, helping brands acquire and convert customers at scale from search & social.

The new multi-channel, multi-device world we live in means people now demand the ability to reach brands they love, on any channel and effortlessly build relationships with them. The Driftrock platform offers a fresh, unique approach to lead generation, starting with the customer at the core.

Navigate your way through the various features that make up the Driftrock platform by clicking on each heading below. Each heading will take you through to an in-depth demo of each solution. Enjoy!

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Multi-Channel Lead Gen

Quickly activate new lead generation sources across multiple channels, all under one roof.

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Better Data for Optimisation

Quickly discover customer and lead insights, to enable learnings around which audiences deliver the best conversion rates, to optimise for lead quality signals.

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Lead Validation & Cleansing

Increase lead quality and avoid wasting sales team time by automatically validating and cleansing leads as they pass through.

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Audience Sync

Keep customer or lead segments in constant sync with Facebook or Google custom audiences, to increase conversion rates.

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