We help make marketing something you want to see.

Driftrock was founded in 2014 with the goal to make marketing better. There’s no excuse for being chased around the internet by images of products you’ve already bought. We believe marketing should be as compelling as content from your friends. This is only possible with through the smarter use of data. People data can be used to both protect privacy, and deliver relevant, useful content that people actually want to see. When you do this, brands also benefit from better results.

Our values

We Care

There are too many marketing companies out there selling hot air. We genuinely care about what we do, and the impact it has for our clients, everyone in the team and end customers.


We believe that by putting people at the core of everything we do, we deliver a better experience for end customers and brands.  


We bake continuous improvement and learning into everything we do internally, and for our clients. It’s fun, and constantly pushes us to stay top of the game in everything we do.


If something needs fixing, fit it. It’s never someone else’s problem.

Meet the team

We’re a team of passionate, friendly, driven people who work hard, but also believe that you can do that whilst still enjoying life! We have a balanced, flexible culture where we have fun and achieve big things for the company and our awesome clients.

We’re a group of people with decades of experience in digital media and data science, working with awesome clients on marketing campaigns and technology on top of our partnerships with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

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