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Trigger campaigns based on signals like weather, TV schedules or stock availability


Try an example yourself!

1. Choose the data sets you want to work with

2. Work with our team on your trigger rules or build them yourself

Trigger campaign actions if:

is a

Tip: Our full version has many more options. /demo to talk through what you need!

3. Choose the platform you want to trigger campaigns on

4. Select the campaigns you want to activate

Tip: Our team can help build out the initial campaigns for you if you need help.

You're done!

After this, just clicking a button will get you live. Each time the conditions set by you are met, we will trigger your ads. If they are not met, we will pause them.

Besides triggering, we can also make changes to your campaigns – for example, bidding optimization.

Time to set it up for real. Book some time to have a quick /demo

Some inspiration

Triggers is all about reaching people at the perfect moment to increase conversion and wow your customers.


"Get ready for a wet weekend! Read our guide on the must-have wet weather wardrobe"

Customer Bookings feed

"Todays exchange rate is $1.65 to £1. Buy your currency for your trip to New York today!"

TV Schedules
Facebook Interests

"Game of Thrones airs at 6PM PST today, don't miss out on Episode 12 on HBO"

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