BMW Spain Taps into the Power of TikTok Lead Generation with Driftrock

May 16, 2023

The Objective

BMW is a world-renowned luxury automotive company. Over the years, BMW has become synonymous with innovation, performance, and design excellence.

BMW Spain came to Driftrock to help generate high quality leads from TikTok for the BMW 1 Series M Sport.

The Solution

BMW Spain partnered with Alma Mediaplus, Driftrock and TikTok to leverage TIkTok Lead Generation ads to generate leads directly within the TikTok experience.

TikTok Lead Generation forms

By creating an eye-catching video ad on TikTok with a Lead Generation call to action, BMW Spain were able to engage users in a highly visual and interactive format, whilst providing a quick and easy way for consumers to request more information on the vehicle.

The TikTok Lead Generation forms pre-filled with profile information to make it effortless for the customer, whilst full disclaimers, consent and privacy policy wording allowed for a GDPR compliant solution.

Ensuring leads were actioned quickly

Driftrock's technology was used to connect with the TikTok Forms and ensure leads arrived in BMW Spain's CRM in the right format for followup.

Driftrock's lead validation features were used to validate email address before sending to the CRM to increase lead quality.

Optimising lead quality

To optimise the campaign, two types of TikTok Lead Generation form was tested: basic lead form and advanced lead form, and each monitored for lead quality using the Driftrock reporting.

TikTok Lead Generation ads for the BMW Series 1 M Sport

The Results

The TikTok Lead Generation campaign proved highly successful for BMW Spain. 

47% lower cost per lead than other social advertising lead formats
Proven increased lead quality with the Advanced Lead Form format vs basic forms

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