Driftrock customers see a 15% increase in market share on average in 2024

June 3, 2024

The results

Based on the latest SMMT data, brands who leverage Driftrock technology have seen on average a 15% increase in automotive market share for new car sales.

This data shows that by prioritising a diverse range of lead sources from the Driftrock library, as well as solutions with emphasise lead quality and trackability, brands are able to make significant gains against competitors with Driftrock.

The approach

These brands were able to achieve these gains versus their competitors by using the full suite of Driftrock automotive solutions.

With Driftrock lead sync, they were able to ensure leads were captured from social ad platforms in real time, and delivered into their CRM with no delay.

With native form experiences across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Tiktok, they were able to let users submit their enquiry in-platform, helping increase conversion rate from their ad spend and reducing cost per lead.

By partnering with Driftrock premium publishers, they were able to easily receive leads into their Driftrock account from publisher brands, and pass these into their CRM systems in real time.

With Driftrock lead validation and de-duplication roles, they were able to block and filter out poor quality leads, ensuring that only those leads which would be contactable would be sent to retailers, helping increase conversion rate from the campaigns. They were also able to de-dupe leads across partners, ensuring they only paid for each lead once.

With Driftrock automatic location assignment, the Driftrock platform was also able to allocate their leads to their nearest retailer instantly, making sure that the user received a callback from the retailer local to them.

Using Driftrock downstream conversion tracking and Driftrock Dashboards, they were also able to anonymously attribute sales back to their lead sources and paid advertising campaigns within Driftrock, helping understand how each individual ad and model performed.