Driftrock's technology helps The Open University reduce CPL by 23% whilst reaching a 40% higher rate of new audiences

September 28, 2023

About The Open University

The Open University is an online distance learning institution, and currently the largest university in the UK for undergraduate education. With over 200 qualifications and 400 courses to choose from, students are able to flexibly study around their lives.

The Goal

To capture audiences across different social media platforms

The Open University wanted to test Driftrock Acquire Technology for generating leads directly from Meta and new media sources, whilst maintaining ultra-fast response rates for students.

The Approach

The open university native lead gen form example

Ensuring ultra-fast responses for higher conversion rates

The Open University worked with Driftrock’s Acquire Technology to create a real-time sync to their CRM system, mapping & transforming the lead data in the process, so ultra-fast responses could happen.

Native Lead Generation Forms

By creating captivating ads across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn The Open University was able to engage with potential students in an easy-to-use format.

Rather than being directed to the website, users who engaged with an ad were presented with a native lead generation form in the platform itself. 

The form was pre-filled with information from their social profiles, making it a frictionless journey.

As leads were generated, they were sent to The Open University's CRM system in real-time using Driftrock's technology, allowing a quick response and an automated workflow.

Increasing Lead Quality

To increase Lead Quality, Driftrock’s Lead Validation and Reporting features were used. 

Email addresses and phone numbers were validated before sending them to the CRM, saving time and resources. Furthermore, by using Driftrock’s reporting technology they were able to track and monitor results in real-time so that the marketing channels and campaigns could be optimised whilst live.

The open university native lead gen form example


By using native lead forms across a range of social media platforms, The Open University reduced their paid social cost per lead by 23%. Additionally, they were able to generate a 40% higher proportion of brand new prospects to build market share.

“ Driftrock is the perfect combination, where powerful technology and passionate people combine to offer incredible value for businesses looking to provide better experiences for customers while improving performance - this certainly was this case with The Open University, and we’re now looking forwarding to building on this success ” - The Open University, Sam McDonald, Digital Marketing Manager