Driving 56% lower cost per lead, while boosting lead volume 2.8X with BMW

September 12, 2023

The Goal

Make it easier for potential customers to enquire about the BMW range

With a passion for innovation, BMW constantly look to deliver the ultimate customer experience both with their products as well as marketing communications. 

As part of these efforts, BMW wanted to help potential customers on Facebook & Instagram enquire about vehicles faster, and make it easier for BMW sales teams to follow up with these enquiries.

BMW Electric Car

The Approach

By using native Facebook and Instagram lead forms, combined with Driftrock Lead Capture technology, BMW were able to make the enquiry process faster, and sync leads to their CRM system in real time.

Rather than being directed to a website, users who engaged with an ad were presented with a native lead form on both Facebook and Instagram. This allowed the user to enter their details quickly and easily, without leaving the platform.

In addition, by leveraging Driftrock’s dynamic dealer lookup technology, users could select their local retailer who would follow up with their inquiry.

As leads were generated, they were sent to the BMW CRM system in real time using Driftrock technology, allowing a quick response and an automated workflow.


By combining native forms with Driftrock’s lead capture technology, BMW reduced their paid social cost per lead 56% compared to other lead generation approaches, while increasing lead volume 2.8X.

Furthermore, by using Driftrock’s reporting technology they were able to track and monitor results in real time, and validate leads for quality, so that the campaign could be optimised in real time.

Driftrock's automotive reporting screenshots

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