Driving 56% lower cost per lead, while boosting lead volume 2.8X with BMW

The Goal: Online to offline campaign optimisation

With a passion for innovation, BMW constantly look to deliver the ultimate customer experience both with their products as well as marketing communications. 

BMW wanted to help customers on Facebook & Instagram enquire about vehicles faster with native lead ads forms. 

It was critical that these leads were seamlessly sent to the CRM in the same way that website leads were. 

The Approach: Driftrock Reach & Redeem

Leveraging Driftrock’s dynamic dealer lookup technology, custom Facebook and Instagram lead journeys, and real-time CRM integration, BMW decreased test drive and brochure enquiries CPL whilst boosting lead volumes.


Driftrock helped BMW reduce cost per lead 56%, while increasing lead volume 2.8X using Driftrock's lead management and reporting technology.

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