Facebook (Meta) Custom Forms update

January 17, 2023

Meta recently released a huge update to their native lead gen forms (aka instant forms) product. 

Through this update:

  • Brands can convey their story and connect with their audiences better. 
  • Stand out more compared to other lead forms.
  • Generate better quality leads & share relevant information immediately.

Let’s go through the details of the update and we have included a mockup example in the end to give you a better idea. 

How to create a Facebook Custom Form?

  • Create a lead-generation campaign in Facebook
  • While creating a form, select the Custom Forms option (this may still be rolling out to all users)
Custom Form Option
  • Once you select the new custom form option, you will have to upload an image (1200×1750) and write a headline (less than 38 characters). 

This will automatically set your colour scheme for the form, depending on the image. You can’t manually change or select the colours. 

Facebook Custom Forms - Colour Scheme
  • In the next step, you could provide the overview and benefits of filling out this form
Facebook Custom Forms - Overview and Benefits
  • In the “Build your story” section, you have 4 options.
  1. How it works: How to sign up or get started with your product/service. You can also use the titles Get Started, More about us, How we are different or Highlights
  2. Products: Share details about your product/service. You can also call this section: Product, Services, Best Sellers, Plans, Courses, Programmes 
  3. Social proof: Build trust by sharing reviews, accreditations or certificates. You can call this section Review, Accredited by, Certified by and In the news. 
  4. Incentives: Motivate people to share their information using rewards. You can add an incentive name, description name and disclaimer. 

You will have to select one of these options and they may look different depending on what you select. For example, Products and Social proof has a carousel but incentives is text only. 

Automotive Mockup Example

We’ve created this mockup ad to give you a better idea. 

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