How a leading global automotive brand achieved an 806% ROAS with social lead generation and Driftrock

May 28, 2024

The objective

2023 was a big year for our customer, a leading global automotive brand, with multiple new product launches. Using social channels, they wanted to spread the word and generate leads for these new vehicles, with the goal of driving future purchases.

As part of these efforts, they planned campaigns which focused on capturing high-quality first party data using lead generation ads across Facebook and Instagram, making sure that potential customers were able to enquire easily, and have a great experience with their brand.

They also wanted to ensure that each campaign was accountable, and able to demonstrate a positive ROAS, whilst helping Retailer teams achieve high conversion rates.

The approach

To help see success from their campaigns, they used a suite of Driftrock tools to ensure leads were high quality, delivered to retailers quickly, and each lead source was trackable down to sale level.

With Driftrock lead sync, they were able to ensure leads were captured from social ad platforms in real time, and delivered into their CRM with no delay.

With Driftrock lead validation, they were able to block and filter out poor quality leads, ensuring that only those leads which would be contactable would be sent to retailers, helping increase conversion rate from the campaigns.

Using Driftrock downstream conversion tracking and Driftrock Dashboards, they were also able to anonymously attribute sales back to their lead sources and paid advertising campaigns within Driftrock, helping understand how each individual ad and model performed.

The results

By utilising a lead generation strategy that focused on lead quality, accountability, and first-party data, they were able to drive a huge 806% ROAS from their social lead generation campaigns. 

Sales performance was trackable down to a model level, helping show which models saw greater sales success than others. Ad and platform level data also showed which lead sources may deliver more value than others, helping shape and optimise future media spend.