How automotive brands increased EV lead volume 210% year on year with Driftrock premium publishers

May 29, 2024

The objective

Every month the electric vehicle marketplace is getting more competitive, with new brands entering the space, making it harder for manufacturers to stand out and showcase why consumers should pick their superstar EV over others.

Those in the market to purchase a new electric vehicle have a lot to consider, so are progressively relying more and more on third party premium publisher reviews and testimonials to help give them impartial advice on which model will deliver the best range, charging speed, and performance.

Driftrock automotive customers work with these third party premium publishers to help consumers better understand their product offering, but also make it easier to enquire, test drive and buy.

The approach

Using Driftrock’s tools and features, Driftrock automotive customers are able to easily partner with these premium publishers to generate leads for their latest models.

By partnering with Driftrock premium publishers, they’re able to easily receive leads into their Driftrock account from publisher brands, and pass these into their CRM systems in real time.

With Driftrock lead validation and de-duplication roles, they were able to block and filter out poor quality leads, ensuring that only those leads which would be contactable would be sent to retailers, helping increase conversion rate from the campaigns. They were also able to de-dupe leads across partners, ensuring they only paid for each person once.

Using Driftrock downstream conversion tracking and Driftrock Dashboards, these brands were able to anonymously attribute sales back to each of the affiliate premium publishers, and understand how each partner performed in terms of conversion rate.

Brands were also able to save on affiliate management costs too, with Driftrock processing affiliate leads at no additional cost to their existing subscription.

With the insights gained from these solutions and tools, these brands were able to understand which premium publishers delivered the best value, optimise their ad spend, and increase their EV sales.

The results

Through partnerships with Driftrock premium publishers, automotive brands were able to increase leads for their electric vehicles by 210% year on year with Driftrock.

With Driftrock’s solutions in place, every premium publisher was accountable for performance, and our automotive customers were able to see how each publisher performed down to model level, and optimise their affiliate investment accordingly.