How native lead generation journeys reduce the cost of driving EV leads by 63%

May 31, 2024

The objective

With competition in the electric vehicle market hotting up, brands are looking for more ways to reduce their cost per lead so that they can increase enquiries and sales of their latest electric models.

Traditional user journeys rely on sending users to your brand site to complete their enquiry, taking them out of the platform they’re currently using and disrupting their experience. This typically results in lower conversion rates, and a higher cost per lead.

With Driftrock, brands look to leverage native lead generation experiences that let the user stay in-platform when completing their enquiry, making it quicker and easier to do, and ultimately reducing the cost each brand has to pay to drive electric vehicle enquiries.

Crucially, they can do this whilst increasing lead volume, maintaining lead quality, and increasing sales conversion rates.

The approach

Instead of directing users to their website to learn more and complete the lead, our clients instead switched to native form experiences that allow the user to submit an enquiry within the ad unit. This can be achieved across platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and more.

With these native form experiences, the user was able to submit their enquiry in- platform, with these leads captured in real time by Driftrock and passed into the brand CRM system with Driftrock lead sync.

When these leads hit Driftrock, our lead validation tools checked each lead instantly to ensure that contact information was correct and valid. Any leads which were deemed poor quality were blocked, helping ensure that sales teams only received high quality enquiries.

With Driftrock automatic location assignment, the Driftrock platform was also able to allocate the lead to their nearest retailer instantly, making sure that the user received a callback from the retailer local to them.

This flow of data is all completed in less than a second, ensuring zero delay between the user completing the form, and the lead hitting the brand CRM system for follow up.

The results

With this approach, automotive brands have been able to reduce their cost per lead for EV vehicles by 63% in 2024.

On top of that, because of the improved cost efficiency and lead conversion rate, they’ve seen a 9x increase in EV lead volume this year.

With Driftrock downstream tracking, performance of these native lead form ads is trackable down to a channel and model level, helping show which lead sources delivered the highest sales conversion rate, and enabling budget optimisation between channels.