Integrate Facebook lead ads with your CRM

August 8, 2017

To convert leads from Facebook lead ads, it’s essential they are delivered quickly, securely and in the right format to your CRM or ESP. An MIT study showed that responding within the first 5 minutes increased lead conversion by 9X.

Driftrock's enterprise-grade lead ads integration provides a stable, secure, fully-customisable solution to maximise ROI from Facebook lead ads. 

Here's a quick overview:

  • Advanced lead generation & reporting for Facebook & Instagram.
  • Sync leads to your CRM or ESP with a real-time, secure, stable enterprise grade integration. 
  • 10 minute backup syncs to ensure you never miss a lead. 
  • Transformation & mapping rules ensure leads arrive in the correct format. 
  • Enable local lead generation at scale with Driftrock Blueprints to create hundreds of lead forms in bulk.
  • Optimise for sale, not cost per lead with end-to-end downstream reporting and cohort analysis with faster feedback loops.