Lead Tracking and Analysis

Tracking and analysis of your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google lead gen campaigns to lower CPL and increase lead quality.
Lead Tracking and Analysis
Tracking leads for 100's of data-driven brands

What lead analysis and tracking features do you get with Driftrock, and how does it benefit you?

For marketers, spend and attribution is everything. With Driftrock you can learn more about your leads, where they come from and what they go onto do. Optimise your campaigns accordingly, based upon lead quality signals.

Learn more about your leads and customers

With a few clicks Driftrock helps you learn more about your leads and customers

Optimise campaigns for lead quality signals

Setup smart, dynamic segments for high-quality leads, and analyse which campaigns deliver them.

Multi-channel tracking, all under one roof

Track key campaign stats across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Website and Affiliates to save time and focus on optimisation.

Online to offline tracking

Advanced Tracking

Track every click, QR code or UTM to lead, and on to offline purchase from your CRM.

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Geo Analysis

Real-time geo-analysis of leads

Work out where your leads are coming from, as they engage with your brand across digital. Red-flag geographical areas of low-interest and engagement.

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Powerful Segmentation

Learn more about your customers

Segment and track leads and customers across Search & Social. Use our data breakdown tool to learn more about your lead data.

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Online to Offline end-to-end tracking of your leads

Driftrock builds a single customer view to track every click, visit, source, campaign, audience, ad, QR code through to an offline purchase.

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