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Benefits of the Driftrock : Eloqua Integration

1. Multi-Channel Lead Sync for Eloqua CRM

Sync your Facebook, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn leads through to Eloqua in real-time. On top of our off-the-shelf connections, you can also choose to link up your website and affiliate sources to ensure everything is under one roof.

  • Advanced tracking features.
  • Personal Account Manager support and troubleshooting.
  • Developing products.
  • Enterprise grade data protection features.
  • Trusted by world-famous brands for years.

2. Eloqua Custom Audience Sync With Google & Facebook

Dynamically sync your Eloqua CRM records with Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences, as often as every 3-hours, as fast as those channels can process them. Do so to help nurture your leads through the customer journey with personalised messaging. Our LinkedIn Matched Audiences sync is coming soon too, to enable full cross-channel audience syncing.

  • Automatically remove those who 'opt-out' from your audiences.
  • Scale your lookalike campaigns, using high-quality CRM data.
  • Retain GDPR compliance.
  • Sync millions of records each day, cross-channel.

3. Advanced Lead Tracking

Track your leads and customers from an original click through to their eventual purchase. Learn from the feedback data to optimise your campaigns for purchases and lead quality signals.

4. Enterprise Data Protection Laws

Driftrock processes millions of data-points for the world's biggest enterprise brands, on a daily basis. Featured tools include your ability to choose which fields to destroy, residency and custom Data Protection Agreements. All part of our Enterprise plan.

How to automate your lead gen machine with Driftrock

3. Optimize & track

4. Nurture leads

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