Intercom Marketing Tools

Intercom Marketing Tools for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

Benefits of the Driftrock : Intercom Integration

1. Multi-Channel Intercom Lead Sync

Utilise Driftrock's real-time sync to get your Facebook Lead Ads, Google Search Form Ads, YouTube TrueView Form Ads and LinkedIn Lead Gen Form leads to Intercom in seconds. By doing so you can follow-up with your customers instantly, automate autoresponder content, and seamlessly add them to your newsletters.

  • 24/7 troubleshooting support.
  • Guarentee that all leads arrive within your CRM.
  • Advanced tracking features, right down to geographical location.
  • Mapping and transformation rules, to ensure data arrives as expected.
  • Save manual reporting bu having all of your sources under one log-in.

2. Intercom Custom Audience Sync With Google & Facebook

Sync your CRM records with Google & Facebook Custom Audiences to help nurture your inbounds through your customer journey.

  • Sync Intercom segments to Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match.
  • Mirror your email marketing campaigns, with Custom Audiences.
  • Automatically add exclusion audiences, so you don't waste budget on already-converted customers.
  • Dynamically update your Lookalike audiences directly from your highest-quality lists.

3. Advanced Lead Tracking

Track all of your leads and customers from campaign keywords through to offline purchase, to optimise for lead quality signals.

4. Retain Compliance with Data Protection Laws

Driftrock processes millions of data-points for the world's biggest enterprise brands, on a daily basis. Featured tools include your ability to choose which fields to destroy, residency and custom Data Protection Agreements.