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Keep your Salesforce Pardot account in sync with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

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Benefits of the Driftrock : Pardot Integration

By integrating Driftrock with Salesforce Pardot, you can:

  • Add your website forms to Driftrock to sync everything under one roof.
  • Map rules to make sure no further organisation is needed once leads arrive within your CRM.
  • Our team is on hand to help transform and route your data.
  • Re-send leads in case the API incurs any downtime.
  • Extend your email marketing campaigns to digital, to increase open-rates.
  • Retain GDPR compliance by automatically removing those who 'opt-out'

How to automate your lead gen machine with Driftrock

1. Connect 20+ Sources

Connect or create 20+ Lead Sources to Pardot and build high converting lead forms.

2. Connect in Minutes

Connect Pardot in a few clicks to start sending and receiving data.

3. Optimize & track

Driftrock automatically tracks every lead from ad, keyword or source through to conversions.

4. Nurture leads

Sync Facebook, Google and LinkedIn to Pardot every 3 hours automatically.

Generate more leads

Multi-Channel Lead Sync for Pardot

Utilise Driftrock's real-time sync to get your multi-channel lead generation campaign leads into Salesforce Pardot. By doing so you can ensure rapid respond times, no issues with autoresponder content, and instant inclusion in email nurture campaigns.

Top integrations

Multi-Channel Lead Sync for Pardot
Convert more leads

Custom Audience Sync With Google & Facebook

Dynamically sync your Pardot records with Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences, as often as every 3-hours, weekly or daily. Do so to help nurture your leads through the customer journey, with precise, personalised messaging and introduce lifecycle marketing techniques.

Custom Audience Sync With Google & Facebook
Advanced end-to-end tracking

Lead Tracking Features

Track all of your leads and customers through the buying journey, from campaign, keyword, UTM source through to purchase. Optimise for purchases and lead quality signals.

Lead Tracking Features
Data protection

Retain Compliance with Data Protection Laws

Driftrock processes millions of data-points for the world's biggest enterprise brands, on a daily basis. Featured tools include your ability to choose which fields to destroy, residency and custom Data Protection Agreements.

Retain Compliance with Data Protection Laws

Build your lead generation machine with Driftrock and Salesforce Pardot today!