Salesforce Lead Generation

The tactics and tools you need to create a Salesforce lead generation machine with Driftrock.

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What does the perfect Salesforce lead generation setup look like?

Imagine a world where;

  1. You can quickly connect new lead generation sources to Salesforce.
  2. You convert more of your website visitors to leads.
  3. You can track all leads from the source through to a purchase in Salesforce.
  4. Leads are continuously nurtured through sequential messaging, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.
  5. You can throw away all your manual spreadsheets and replace with automated reporting that looks great.

What does good look like?

The diagram below shows a simplified view the various parts of the stack you should consider:

Salesforce lead gen machine

How to automate your lead gen machine with Driftrock

1. Connect lead sources

Connect 20+ lead sources, and build high converting lead forms.

2. Connect Salesforce

Connect Salesforce in a few clicks to start sending and receiving data.

3. Optimize & track

Driftrock automatically tracks every lead from ad, keyword or source through to Salesforce conversions.

4. Nurture leads

Automatically sync Salesforce contacts every 3 hours back to Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

Boost lead volume

Connect 20+ lead gen sources to Salesforce in minutes

Browse the Driftrock Lead Capture Library for Salesforce and activate high performing sources like Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, Google Search form extensions and Quora Lead Gen Forms.

Top integrations

Connect 20+ lead gen sources to Salesforce in minutes
Convert more leads

Sync Salesforce to Facebook & Google Custom Audiences

Keep Salesforce contacts in constant sync with Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Matched audiences for targeting, Lookalikes and exclusions.

Sync Salesforce to Facebook & Google Custom Audiences
Optimize campaigns for conversions

End-to-end tracking to Salesforce conversions

Effortlessly build stunning reporting and analysis that tracks leads from visit, ad or keyword through to purchases from Salesforce.

End-to-end tracking to Salesforce conversions
Increase website conversion rate

Salesforce Lead Capture Forms

Increase the conversion of your website with Driftrock Lead Capture Forms for Salesforce. Collect UTM tracking with every lead you send to Salesforce automatically.

Salesforce Lead Capture Forms

Build your lead generation machine with Driftrock and Salesforce today!