Conversions APIs explained

What does a Conversion API do, and how can it help you drive better results?

Why are Conversion APIs critical in 2024?

What is going on?

  • On the 4th Jan 2024 Google joined Apple in beginning to block 3rd party cookies.
  • This makes Measurement, Algorithmic Optimisation and Audience Targeting harder. 
  • What most markers miss is that without sending conversions to the ad platforms, Algorithmic Optimisation can’t occur and so campaign performance significantly drops.

The solution to preventing signal loss

  • Conversion APIs (CAPI) enable sending conversions to ad platforms in a cookieless server-side way. 
  • All social & search platforms now support CAPI integrations.
  • Using CAPI integrations, you can ensure performance remains stable in 2024. 
  • Top tip! CAPIs allow for advanced matching using personal identifiers increasing the signals available to optimise to beyond the website signals most advertisers have today.

Why care?

  1. Unless advertisers enable Conversion APIs, campaign performance will drop significantly (in fact, it already has on iOS devices). 
  2. Early movers that have integrated CAPI on each channel will be able to beat competitors in the ad space.

Is software required to scale Conversions API integrations?

It is possible to build Conversion API integrations manually, but there are challenges to scale. 

Challenges with custom builds

  • An application needs to be built to send server-side events.
  • 7+ channel integrations are required to cover all marketing platforms. 
  • Maintenance is required for each Channel + Event Type x Market combination. 
  • Website-only CAPI misses off-site signals e.g CRM conversions, native lead forms, lead validation.
  • It’s complex supporting advanced features like Meta Conversion Leads Optimization.
  • DIY builds and some vendors do not have adequate triage and monitoring for coverage.

This increases the risk of a slow rollout, high maintenance costs, gaps in coverage and potential downtime when APIs change. 

How Driftrock can help

The simple, powerful way to implement Conversion API integrations across multiple channels.

A single integration to enable Conversions APIs on all major ad platforms.

Driftrock makes it easy to add new events, channels, markets and maintains integrations over time.

Live triage, event diagnostics and reporting to ensure maximum coverage and stability. 

Just the beginning… 

By enabling website and CRM Conversions APIs with Driftrock you can unlock future capabilities to drive more high quality leads and sales. 

How it works: Website Conversion API made simple

How it works: Advanced full-funnel Conversion API

Getting started

  1. Go to Website Event Tracking in left nav 
  2. Install the script on your website 
  3. Configure the events you want to track on your website
  4. Create a website event capture and choose the event you want to manage with Driftrock. 
  5. Configure Conversion API destinations in each capture.