How to install widgets using Google Tag Manager

Learn how to quickly install the Driftrock website script with Google Tag Manager.

1. Login to your Google Tag Manager account

2. Click "Add a new Tag"

3. Configure your Tag

Give your tag a name, then click Tag Configuration.

Choose Custom HTML in the list of options.

4. Create your first Driftrock widget

a) Browse the Driftrock Lead Capture library.

b) Choose "Lead Generation Widgets".

c) Give your widget a descriptive name (it will show up in your reports).

5. Add the code to Google Tag Manager (you only need to do this once for your first widget)

a) Click on the Overview tab in the Capture wizard.

b) Copy the code with your Driftrock ID:

For example:

6. Choose a trigger

Click Triggering and choose All Pages.

7. Publish your Tag

Click Submit to review and publish the new Tag to your website.

Thats all! You can now create and trigger website widgets within your Driftrock account.