How to track Driftrock events in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

You can track Driftrock form views and submissions with GA4, helping you optimise results

What steps do I need to take to get started?

This approach allows you to track events from Driftrock landing pages and website forms.

Head to Google Analytics 4and grab your Measurement ID from Data Streams settings. Copy this ID.

Go to your Driftrock capture, and navigate to Marketing Tracking/Tracking Pixels. Enter your Measurement ID into the Measurement ID field.

When a user views or submits your form, Driftrock will pass event data back to GA4, allowing you to tracking activity, measurement engagement, and optimise performance.

·        When a user views the form, Driftrock will sendthe form_view eventto GA4.

·        When a user submits your form, Driftrock will send the form_submitted event to GA4.

You will be able to to see each of the events about in the Events view of GA4, and in your Realtime activity tracking.

You can click into these events to see more parameters about the view or submission, such as the event label (your capture name), form ID and event label.

These events can also be set as conversion actions within GA4, either via the Conversions settings, or directly within the Engagement view.

You can also track leads from other sources such as Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, and any other marketing lead source you use with Driftrock.

To do this, first head to Connections, hit +Connection, then search for Google Analytics. Click Connect and follow the authentication process.

Head to your capture destination, then select Google Analytics as your destination.

In the capture settings, define an event_action and event_category field, and map these to the corresponding fileds in Google Analytics.

Hit save, and any leads you generate through this capture will now be sent to Google Analytics as events.

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