Lead routing rules, retrying leads and troubleshooting failed leads

How to use Driftrock lead routing rules and troubleshooting any failed leads

Why use Driftrock lead routing rules?

Driftrock offers a wide range of tools and features that can be used to ensure only the highest quality leads reach your CRM system or database. You can filter and route rules using any values you're collecting from your leads, helping make sure they get to the right place, with the right details, and are going to be contactable by your sales team.

In this guide we'll show you how to set up those rules, review their impact, and troubleshoot any issues.

How do I apply lead routing rules?

Navigate to your Capture automation and select the pencil icon on your automation.

Scroll towards the bottom of your automation, and you'll see options to use Driftrock validation filters to block leads if the email, phone number or address isn't valid. Toggle these on and off based on how you would like to validate and filter leads.

You can also use custom rules based on the leads you're collecting. For example, if you only want leads to go through if a potential customer picks a certain model or answer to a question, you can set this filter. Driftrock will then only send leads to your automation if the lead meets that criteria.

How do I check my lead routing rules are working?

Once you have lead routing rules applied, Driftrock will block and filter leads based on these rules. When Driftrock blocks a lead, you'll see that the 'Last sent at' date is empty, and the Automation icon has a grey tick next to it.

If you click the Automation icon, Driftrock will tell you which rule criteria the lead failed to meet and why it was blocked. For example, in the instance below the phone number of the lead was invalid, so Driftrock didn't send the lead.

In any instances where you see a lead blocked and you're not sure why, click the Automation icon for more details. In some cases, the CRM you're sending to may also share an error code which tells you what issue you need to fix with the lead, or why it was rejected.

Can I retry sending my lead?

Yes! If you want to retry sending your lead after identifying and resolving any issues, or updating your routing rules, you can retry the lead in Driftrock to try and send it your automations.

All you have to do is click the circular retry button on the event overview page of your capture.