Sending action and event data to the Pinterest Conversions API with Driftrock

What are the benefits of sending event data to the Pinterest Conversions API with Driftrock?

With the deprecation of 3rd party cookies in 2024, it's now more important than ever to ensure your campaigns don't suffer from signal loss. As 3rd party cookies are progressively blocked further, any campaigns you run on Pinterest which optimise to a website action will see results weaken.

The Pinterest Conversions API allows you to send events and actions to the Pinterest server without the need for cookies, helping you maintain signals for optimising your campaigns.

How do I send events to my Pinterest Ad Account?

Step 1) Go to your Driftrock account and head to 'Connections' under the Settings area. Hit 'Connect+', then search for Pinterest Ads, and follow the credential process to connect your Pinterest ad account to Driftrock

Step 2) Once you have connected your ad account, go to your Driftrock capture which contains the events you want to send to Pinterest. Navigate to 'Automate', then 'Send to a Conversion API'.

Step 3) Select 'Pinterest Conversions'.

Step 4) Click the pencil icon to edit the automation settings.

Step 5) Select your Pinterest ad account, the Event Name, and the Action Source for your event data. You can also use validation and lead routing tools at this stage.

Once you have completed these steps, your Driftrock Capture will now send any actions it receives to your Pinterest conversion, allowing you to use this event for optimising your campaigns and reporting on performance.

To validate the flow of data, head to Pinterest Ads and Conversions settings to check that your Conversions API events are being received successfully.