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Social lead generation

Drive cheaper leads from Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead GenFroms, while optimizing for downstream sales. 

Decrease cost per lead by over 50%

Enabling native social lead generation and Driftrock lead sync typically reduces cost per lead over 50%. 

Track & optimize for downstream sales. 

It's critical to optimise your campaigns, targeting, ads and forms for sales and lead quality. Our downstream analysis makes that simple and powerful. 

Enterprise security and Data Protection

Driftrock is ISO27001 Certified with security features and functionality to help stay Data Protection and GDPR compliant. 

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Lead sync and downstream optimization in 3 easy steps

You can enable lead sync and downstream tracking in a few clicks with Driftrock. Simply connect up your sytems, or we can do it for you. 

1. Connect

Connect up your Facebook, LinkedIn ad accounts and your CRM with a few clicks. Driftrock can build custom integrations if required. 

2. Sync

Segment, route, transform and map leads to your CRM to ensure they arrive quickly, safely with Data Protection at its core. 

3. Track

Driftrock pulls your downstream data so you can optimize campaigns for sales or sync back to Facebook Offline Conversions. 

BMW reduced cost per lead 56% while increasing lead volume 2.3X using Driftrock lead sync and downstream optimization.