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Capture high intent automotive leads from AutoTrader. Convert more leads through real-time sync and validation.

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What is AutoTrader?

AutoTrader is one of the largest digital automotive marketplaces in UK and Ireland. According to their research, AutoTrader attracts over 50 million cross platform visits each month. The marketplace also hosts the largest pool of vehicle sellers, thanks to their partnership with more than 13,300 retailers.

How do AutoTrader lead forms work?

When users are exploring car listings on AutoTrader, they can reach out to the seller by clicking the 'Message seller' button. When clicked, a lead form opens requesting the users key contact details. The user then fills in the information required, with this lead information being passed onto Driftrock in real time via our integration. The Driftrock platform can then sync leads to your CRM, Dealer Management System (DMS), database, or email inbox, allowing leads to be followed up quickly and easily. 

Additionally, with the help of Driftrock lead validation rules, you can further validate lead quality within the Driftrock platform to help you improve conversion rate.

How to set up an AutoTrader lead form?

  1. Collect a list of the AutoTrader Retailer IDs you would like to connect.
  2. Login or Sign Up to your Driftrock account.   
  3. Reach out to Driftrock support and let them know you would like to set up an AutoTrader capture, sharing your Retailer IDs.
  4. Driftrock will then complete the API connection to AutoTrader.
  5. Map the fields from your AutoTrader forms.
  6. Select the destination you would like to send leads to.
  7. Review and click on done!

Tracking & Optimisation

It is important to optimise your campaigns for sales and purchases to maximise your returns. Driftrock's dashboard has useful reports and insights to help you optimise for lead quality and costs.

Additionally, by configuring your conversion touch points, you can track leads through to a purchase and use downstream tracking.

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