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How to use a webhook for lead generation

In simple terms, a webhook is a web address/URL you can use to send data to.

For lead generation this allows you to activate many lead gen sources with the right tools in place.

Most modern software will have an API that can be used to send data to a webhook.

How to does a webhook work for lead generation?

Webhooks often work in different ways. They might send or receive data with a certain format or structure.

For lead generation, most of the time, we can send our lead 'payload' to a webhook with each of the fields the user has submitted, as well as other useful data like where the lead came from.

How to setup a webhook for lead generation

  1. Check your own CRM or Email system for details on how to receive leads. Theres a good chance they have a webhook you can use.
  2. Check the format and structure that the webhook expects to receive the data. You might need to add some authentication to send data here.
  3. Add the webhook, and make sure you send some test leads before activating any camapigns.

How to setup a webhook with Driftrock

You can simply the process with Driftrock too. The Driftrock webhook makes it easy to receive data in different formats, and you can pick from our native CRM integrations to make sending the lead on to your CRM simple.

Driftrock also allows you to validate and enrich the data with useful info like the UTM Source, Medium, Campaign and Content or your own tracking details. Perhaps you could also send a field to flag in your CRM how to deal with the lead e.g [Guide download] and trigger personalised messages.

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