Conversion API


The fast & secure way to integrate all Conversion APIs for enterprise brands.

Conversion API Integrations

The fast & secure way to integrate all Conversion APIs for enterprise brands.

7 Conversion APIs in one

Protect campaign otimisation signals on all advertising platforms

Reduce implementation costs

No more cookies means tracking website conversions is (almost) impossible.

Enterprise Data Management

End-to-end ROI tracking takes too much time or has unreliable data.

Reasons why Conversion APIs are vital in 2024?

"The advertisers with Conversion APIs setup will win the ad actions in 2024"


Google has now joined Apple in blocking 3rd party cookies.


This makes measurement, algorithmic optimistation & audience targeting harder.


Critically, AI-drive campaign optimisation on platforms like Meta, Google, Linkedin will fail without these conversion signals.

You can read more about this here: Death of the Third Party Cookie
Act Now

Don't get Caught out!

Unless you put mitigations in place now, your campaign performance will likely get worse. Less relevent & more expensive, month-on-month, year-on-year.

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Auto advertisers with the Meta Pixel who set up the Conversions API for web events saw on average
additional conversions reported*

Median increase based on the number of conversions from both CAPI and Pixel between March 1st, 2023 and March 7th, 2023
Source: Meta case study.

Problem Solved

with Conversion APIs!

All major marketing platforms like Meta, Google & Linkedin now provide Conversions APIs, which allow you to share customer action data, e.g. key page views/ clicks, test drive requests, car configurations, etc.

An illustration of leads going to driftrock, driftrock monitors your data and send valid leads to your CRM
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Building & maintaining these integrations is expensive

It is possible to build custom 'in-house' Conversion API integrations, but there are challenges to scale:

Slow Roll-out:

7+ channel integrations are required to cover all major search & social advertising platforms.

High Maintenance costs:

Platform x Event Type x Market combinations mean thousands of of potential configurations for large brands.

Downtime /Data Loss:

Monitoring & trouble-shooting is critical to ensure adequate coverage.

But, Driftrock makes Conversion API Integrations Simple

A single integration to enable Conversions APIs on all major ad platforms.

Fast Roll-out:

7+ platforms in under 30 days.

Maintenance & Monitoring:

All platforms, all events, all markets maintained & monitored in the Driftrock interface.

Expert Advice

Data experts on hand to troubleshoot & minimise data loss.

Driftrock can help you unlock future capabilities to drive more high-quality leads & sales with end-to-end lead tracking.

Trusted by the high-performing automotive marketing teams:

Plus Driftrock's Automotive Marketing Platform gives you:

Lead Management
  • Discover & connect +20 automotive sources with your CRM.
  • Automatically validate & route leads to your sales teams.
Affiliate Publisher Management
  • Manage, dedupe, validate & qualify leads from local publishers.
  • Get leads from informed, ready-to-buy customers & easily manage CPL.