Connect and automate 20+ lead sources in minutes.

There are now more lead sources than ever. It’s essential to respond quickly, get leads into your workflows and protect data securely. 

Lead capture sources
Data-driven brands and agencies automate their customer data sources with Driftrock

Do you need software to manage your lead sources?

With more lead sources than ever, it’s hard to ensure your leads are responded to quickly, arrive in the right tools and track which sources are driving the best quality leads. 

It is impossible to do this without tools and automation.

Downloading leads via CSV wastes your time

Which means you can't respond to leads quickly.

  • Wasted time you could spend on marketing.
  • Slow response times, especially over the weekends.
  • Added security risk!

Most integrations aren't built for lead generation

They just send all leads to your CRM, regardless of quality.

  • Invalid leads reach your CRM, and so waste the time of your sales team.
  • No way of tracking performance and optimising for lead quality.
  • Attributes not mapped consistently.

Every lead source is different

  • It is essential to clean and normalise data to benefit from good reporting and ensure every lead arrives as it should.
  • Not every lead is equal, so routing leads to the right place, at the right time improves ROI.

Driftrock is the simplest way to integrate all lead sources with your CRM, whilst optimizing for lead quality.

Integrate your lead sources in 4 easy steps: 


Choose your lead sources, or discover new ones

Choose from over 20 lead sources & website forms or discover new ones.

Driftrock provides tips & tricks to help you setup high performing campaigns whether you are a beginner or pro.

Driftrock lead capture library
Lead validation and cleansing

Connect & map forms in Driftrock

Follow a simple step-by-step wizard to connect and map data into Driftrock.

This creates clean, normalised data across all your channels and forms.

Optionally transform values e.g. product name > product Id using lookup tables.


Route leads to one or more destinations

Setup the rules for when and where a lead is sent.

You can send to one or more tools, spreadsheets, etc, depending on what you know about the lead.

CRM integration tools
Lead capture & Management

Setup notifications

Optionally set up notifications via email or SMS to alert sales teams when leads arrive. 

You can setup rules on who gets what, depending on the lead. 


Track your leads, valid leads and conversions in Driftrock’s live reporting dashboard.

Unlike other integrations, Driftrock’s reporting gives you powerful insights to optimise your lead generation campaigns.

Lead reporting charts

Part of the Driftrock lead generation toolkit

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