How to increase lead conversion rates?

Turn leads in paying customers. Use Convert to engage and nurture your customer relationships with personalised content and communications to drive ROI.

Custom Audience Integration
Data-driven brands and agencies convert more leads with Driftrock

Do you need marketing software to convert leads?

The biggest mistake marketing and sales teams make is thinking in silos. Driftrock empowers your team to automate communication to leads, nurture to purchase and synchronise audiences across platforms to increase ROI.

Respond instantly.

  • Waiting days or hours to send the first response to a customer drastically lowers conversion rates.
  • Relying on sales teams checking CRM lists means hot opportunities take time to spot.

Wasted ad spend.

  • Most marketers continue to target prospects with the same ads, regardless of where they are in the lifecycle.
  • Uploading lists to ad platforms manually wastes time.

Notify sales.

  • Most marketers do not have visibility of whether sales view or action the leads they generate.

Driftrock is the simplest way for marketers to increase lead conversion rates.

Here are 5 simple steps marketers can take to increase lead conversion rates and smash targets:

Driftrock lead capture library

Send leads to your CRM instantly from 20+ sources

Setup integrations from every source to ensure leads safely arrive in your CRM or email system instantly.

Throw away the CSVs!

Map, transform and clean data for better multi-channel marketing.

Lead validation and cleansing
Step 2

Setup lead notifications

Trigger lead notifications for sales and marketing teams via email or SMS.

Track whether those leads have been viewed and actioned by sales teams, so that you can optimize the marketing to sales handoff.

CRM integration tools

Trigger Autoresponders

Trigger auto response emails and SMS messages to all leads and ensure an instant response.

Great for sending content to leads like guides and invitations to book meetings with Calendly.

Step 4

Lead nurturing with audience automation

Keep leads, qualified leads and CRM lists in constant sync with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Ad audiences.

Target, exclude and find Lookalikes of your best leads.


AI driven campaign optimisation

Driftrock makes it easy to enable advance algorithmic optimization like Meta Conversion Leads Optimization and Google Smart Bidding to automatically increase conversion rates.

Driftrock syncs valid, qualified and conversion events to Meta CAPI and Google Offline Conversions without needing to setup a complex integration.

Part of the Driftrock lead generation toolkit

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Native integrations with all your favourite tools

Driftrock's integrations push lead data, pull audience records and pull conversion data.

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