Increase lead conversion rates

In the age of People-based Marketing, it's possible to communicate with our customers not only by email or phone, but also with personalised communication on advertising platforms.

Leveraging tools like Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Matched Audiences, we can deliver relevant messaging to customers where they hang out.

Driftrock makes this lifecycle marketing strategy easy, helping you protect privacy, whilst delivering marketing people actually want to see.

Boost conversion rates 35%+

With Driftrock you can create lead segments and keep them in sync with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Audiences to deliver lifecycle marketing that increases conversion rates.

Lead Validation & Cleansing

Automatically validate and cleanse leads through Driftrock before sending to your CRM to increase lead quality.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Constantly sync leads and customers to Facebook Custom Audiences for targeting, exclusions and Lookalikes.

Google Customer Match Sync

Keep your CRM or leads integrated with Google Customer Match for search bid management and YouTube ads.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Nurture your leads and CRM database through LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMail ads.

GDPR Data Privacy Compliant audiences

As the Data Controller, it is your responsibility to remove consumers from your audiences on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn if they update their preferences. The Driftrock audience sync helps you effortlessly add and remove records as customers update their preferences.

Facebook Custom Audience Sync

Native integrations with your favourite tools

Driftrock's integrations push lead data, pull audience records and pull conversion data.

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