Lead Validation

Automatically validate leads from all your lead sources before they get to your CRM and sales team.
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Lead validation

Validate & cleanse leads before they hit your CRM


Check email formats and if there is an active inbox.


Validate formats and HR Lookup.


Validate addresses exist and map geo location.

Suppression Lists

Validate against your own custom suppression lists.

Lead validation widgets

Track and optimise for valid leads

Track the number of valid and invalid leads by source, campaign, keyword or any other field e.g product.

Lead validation and cleansing

Block invalid leads from your CRM and teams

Stop invalid data wasting the time of your sales teams by blocking leads before they arrive in your systems.

CRM integration tools

Sync leads to your tools after validation

Send you leads in real-time to your favourite CRM, email, analytics and automation tools.

Part of the Driftrock lead generation toolkit

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