Stop wasting time with invalid leads

Invalid leads cost money & waste time. Validate removes bad data before it gets to your CRM, saving time & driving ROI from your marketing spend.

Lead validation
Data-driven brands & agencies automatically validate leads with Driftrock

Do you need a lead validation software?

Up to 15% of leads contain invalid data. Whether your leads go into marketing automation flows, or sales teams are calling leads, this is a waste of time & money.

Automatically validating leads from 3rd party sources & your website increases the ROI from your lead generation campaigns.

Invalid leads cost more money than you think.

  • Wasted marketing spend on low quality leads.
  • Wasted time for sales teams who could have been talking to genuine prospects.

Understand where the best quality leads come from.

  • Most validation tools don't provide insights on where valid & invalid leads are coming from.
  • Our clients see a variances of 2% to 10% valid leads from different channels, messaging & ads so understanding this is critical.

Driftrock is the simplest way to automatically validate leads sources, before they hit your CRM.

Start validating leads in 4 easy steps:


Connect your lead sources

Choose from over 20 lead sources & website forms or discover new ones.

It takes less than 5 minutes to connect lead sources.

Lead validation and cleansing

Enable lead validation

Enable lead validation with one click.

Validate email, phone & address fields globally.

Driftrock provides a simple valid, risky or invalid flag on every lead.


Block leads from reaching your CRM

Setup the rules for when & where a lead is sent.

You can choose to block invalid leads from going to your CRM, or simply track them for optimisation.


Track & Optimze

Driftrock reporting shows you where invalid leads are coming from by channel, form, ad, keyword, product, offer or anything else you want to breakdown by.

Part of the Driftrock lead generation toolkit