Learn the secrets of high performing B2C lead generation campaigns.

Are you looking to generate more high quality leads and convert those leads faster? Our automotive lead generation training will help you do just that.

The goal of this training programme is to identify your key lead generation goals and challenges and help you set up your lead generation strategy for long term success.

What is included?

8 week personalised training programme

8x1 hour sessions via video call

Practical Exercises

30 min Free Discovery Consultation

Get pro tips from the experts behind high-performing campaigns for the world’s leading auto brands and auto retailers.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for marketers and sales teams looking to optimise their digital lead generation and learn more about Facebook and Google advertising. Each session will be personalised to your level of expertise and anyone on your team interested in learning more about Facebook and Google lead generation can get involved in the learning process.

Key take aways

The training packages are tailored to your business objectives and your team’s immediate goals and challenges identified as part of your free consultation.A typical training programme involves the following:  

  • Gain practical Experience of Facebook and Google advertising platforms
  • Get guidance on strategic planning for high-performing Facebook and Google lead generation
  • Learn how to set up campaigns, run campaign experiments, monitor performance and optimise for success
  • Get expert tips on creating engaging campaign creative and writing compelling ad copy

Training Packages

Facebook Ads for Automotive Lead Generation


Get familiar with the Facebook Ads platform and learn how to plan, create and optimise successful campaigns.

Google Ads for Automotive Lead Generation

Google Ads for Car Dealers.png

Gain hands on experience with the Google Ads platform and build a strategy that delivers great results long into the future.

Ready to learn? Get in touch and we'll work with you to create a tailored training package.

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