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Weather Triggered Ads

Deliver marketing at the perfect moment with weather activated ads fro for Facebook, Instagram and Google

Increase ad engagement with context

BMW increased ad engagement by 33%+ using weather triggered ads during rain and snow conditions for xDrive. 

Maximise ROI

With Driftrock you can leave weather ads always-on, and accelerate deliver rather than stop start, to simply maximise ROI. 

Marketing at the perfect moment

Deliver ads during peak, or slow times based on the weather. For example, Coke delivered ads when the temperature hit target levels. 

Weather Triggered Ads in 3 easy steps

You can setup Driftrock weather triggers with our simple wizard, with support from our team on weather queries and campaign structure. 

1. Connect

Connect up your Facebook or Google accounts with a few clicks.  

2. Setup queries

Setup your weather queries. For example IF raining AND 18º C then trigger 'Rain Ads'. 

3. Activate & track

Decide which Campaigns, Adsets or Ads should be activated either as stop/start or with accelerated delivery. 

BMW increased ad engagement by 33%, whilst delivering a 16:1 ROI on ad spend with Driftrock weather triggered ads.