Facebook Lead Ads with Driftrock: How to get started

March 29, 2016
 Sync Facebook Lead Ads with Driftrock Lead Response

What is Driftrock Lead Response?

Driftrock Lead Response allows you to safely send leads from Facebook lead ads to your CRM system or email provider in real time. As someone submits their information through a lead form on the Facebook news feed, Driftrock Lead Response pushes the information in the correct format into the CRM system.

Some of the benefits of integrating with Lead Response

  • Follow up with new leads immediately, to convert quickly.
  • Sync with your CRM in real-time, with a 10 minute backup sync so you never miss a lead.
  • Out-the-box CRM integrations, or custom integrations possible.
  • Optimise lead ad campaigns for downstream conversion with reports and tracking.
  • Save time by integrating with existing marketing automation workflows (such as email auto-responders).
  • Email notifications and secure lead download whenever new leads arrive for multiple team members.

How to create an account

To get started, request a demo here and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. 

 Driftrock Lead Response

Connecting to your CRM

Lead Response connects to many off-the-shelf systems, and we can build new integrations on request. Our team has built integrations for many clients, where off-the-shelf APIs were not available, and we have a simple solution for integrating with custom CRM systems.

Try it yourself

To start syncing today, get in touch with us by requesting a demo here!

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