Lead Filtering Facebook Ads: Unpacking Meta's Latest Feature

July 4, 2022

Facebook (Meta) lead ads or instant forms is an excellent way to generate a high volume of leads at a low cost. They are pre-filled and load instantly. 

However, because they are so easy to fill, many marketers struggle with low-quality leads. Facebook recently launched a new feature to help solve this problem!

Lead Filtering for Lead Ads

The new lead filtering feature allows you to ask the users a qualifying or conditional question before the instant form. 

If the answer matches your settings, they can fill the form. If it doesn’t, they are unable to fill the form and a thank you page loads instead. 

The lead filtering can save your sales teams time and resources (and our guess is the algorithm will over time optimise for more users that will fill the instant form and it’ll lead to a high volume of better quality leads).

Note: This is still being tested and may not be available to you yet. Read our 12 Tips to increase Facebook Lead Quality article to generate high-quality leads on Facebook.

How to set up Lead Filtering using Facebook Instant Forms?

1. Select the lead generation objective and select instant forms on the ad set level. 

2. At the ad level, create a new form.

3. Click on add question and select a multiple-choice question.

Facebook (Meta) Lead Filtering alert
Facebook Instant Form Multiple choice question

4. Turn on the lead filtering toggle. Add a question with at least two options.

5. In the “Lead Filter” column, select what qualifies as a lead and what doesn’t qualify as a lead.

Facebook Instant Form Lead Filtering

6. You can now set up two different completion screens or thank you messages for your leads and non-leads. See example images below:

Facebook lead filtering message for leads view
Facebook lead filtering message for non-leads view

7. Done! You can review your ads and publish them.

If you are struggling with lead quality, Driftrock offers various lead validation tools that can validate and deduplicate leads from multiple lead sources and sync them in real-time. Book a Demo to learn more.