How to generate and convert leads from social advertising [Guide]

April 6, 2018

At Driftrock, we’re lucky enough to have worked with some of the worlds leading brands on their social advertising campaigns; from international brands like BMW and Open University, to hundreds of automotive dealerships and realtors. 

In this guide, we’ll share the secrets to lower cost, high converting leads from social advertising. 

Consider that 1 in every 4 minutes on mobile phones are spent on Facebook & Instagram. Not only is social advertising a critical channel to acquire leads from, it can also be used to increase your lead conversion rates through nurturing.

This guide is packed with practical tips, rather than big theories, so have your todo list and notebook to hand! You should be able to put a few tips and tricks live today. 

  • 🤘Lowering your CPL
  • 🤘Increasing Lead Quality
  • 🤘Increasing Conversion Rates

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