BMW - Weather Triggered Advertising

February 29, 2016

Whist Facebook’s targeting allows us to reach the perfect audience, it’s important to remember that we are marketing to real people. Things like the Weather, what’s on TV or the latest football results affect what we do, where we are and what we buy.

The challenge

Drive awareness of BMW xDrive whilst capturing enquiries to drive forecourt sales.

What we did

4X4 vehicals are often purchased during more extreme weather conditions like snow or heavy rain. Using Driftrock technology, BMW and their creative agency FCB Inferno triggered ads at the perfect moment, when it raining or snowing.

The results

* ~10% uplift in engagement when raining or snowing

* 16:1 ROI

* Sub 3p video views.

The technology

Driftrock Triggers technology was used to create weather queries for rain, heavy rain and snow conditions, which were then applied to native Facebook Ads.


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