Increase Facebook lead ads quality

September 26, 2017

Driftrock solutions to increase conversion rates of Facebook lead ads.

Social advertising is the perfect media for acquiring incremental new customers from lead generation. However, by it's nature, you'll acquire customers at all stages in their consideration process. It's critical to optimise for sale, not just cost per lead to ensure quality, and a great customer experience. 

Here's a quick overview of Driftrock's lead quality solutions for Facebook lead ads:

  • Sync downstream conversion data like sales or test drives to Driftrock’s reporting & analysis technology. 
  • Optimise targeting, form journeys and ad creative to sale, not lead. 
  • Quickly compare and improve campaign lead quality using advanced cohort analysis. 
  • Map lead and sales data using geo analysis to optimise the right models to the right locations, maximising downstream conversion. 
  • Enable Facebook Offline Conversion Logging for measurement.

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